for individuals & group therapists


I offer individual and group supervision for counsellors, psychotherapists and group therapists. I use a psychodynamic/psychoanalytic model for individual work and a group analytic framework for therapists who are facilitating groups.

Sessions are £65 and last for 50 minutes.

Please fill in the contact form at the bottom of the page if you would like to discuss supervision. There is no charge for a preliminary meeting.

“​Steve is a very empathic, reflective, and incisive psychotherapist and supervisor and I recommend him highly. Now that he has qualified in Group Analysis, he is now even more skilled.”

–Rhoda D.
Experienced Psychotherapist of 20 years and member of Hallam Institute of Psychotherapy

Group supervision

As a counsellor/psychotherapist you will undertake individual supervision but you may not have experienced supervision in a group. Group supervision opens up new perspectives for clinical work as it places clients in a social setting. This unique social dimension will offer you new and exciting areas of development.

If you would like to explore being part of a supervision group then get in touch by filling in the contact form below.

Group supervision for teams

Group supervision is an affordable way of offering supervision to your staff team. These sessions can offer a creative space for colleagues to spend time sharing experiences and learning from each other in a non-threatening atmosphere of peer support.

Team supervision or reflective practice sessions can be a great way of helping your team to work more effectively as they promote communication and the values of teamwork.

I would be happy to discuss group supervision for your team. There is no charge for a preliminary meeting.

Would you like to talk more about supervision?
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